Collection: Jaq Jaq Bird

The JAQ JAQ BIRD brand was created in 2005 by Grace, a mother of 3 children. Grace invented the "Chalkmat", a table set on which one can draw on the back: a nice find so that the children remain wise at the table. It was at the restaurant that the idea came to him to launch the JAQ JAQ BIRD brand. Since then, the brand has grown up and the flagship product of the collection is today the Jaq Jaq Bird notebook, a reusable notebook with the black pages delivered with Butterstix, non-messy chalks. The notebook is practical to take everywhere and allows your child to color endlessly. The Butterstix are special chalks that do not make dust or stains and which are non -toxic. They are suitable for JAQ JAQ products as well as to all non -porous surfaces. Chalk is easy to erase with a damp cloth.
The JAQ JAQ BIRD collection also includes the Wishhy Washy Markers. These markers can be used on different supports (paper, jaq jaq jaq, plastic, glass, blackboard, whiteboard ...) and are just as easy to erase as the Poutterstix Anti-dust.

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