Collection: Scrunch

Roll it, Fold It, scrunch it
The buckets, watering cans and small shapes for the attractive and ecological sand of scrunch are getting carried away! You can "fold" them so as to get them into your bag (beach) or luggage. Start them, fold them, twist them, roll them: they will never deform. They offer endless possibilities: transport water, build sand castles, pick fruit and vegetables, clean the car or the bicycle ... You can even use the small buckets at home as pots to grow your plants or your herbs or to store your pencils.
The buckets, watering cans and shapes for sand are made in pretty soft colors, in flexible silicones and of food quality. They are thus both flexible, solid and durable. In addition, you can easily leave scrunch accessories outside, even in the freezing cold, because silicones are resisting extreme temperatures. And above all, they are ecological, non-toxic, recyclable and easy to clean. The whole collection, including small solid scrunch shovels, is made of rigid plastic.

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