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Mr Maria® is a design company based in the Netherlands. We are in constant search to find emotional relationships between our products and our consumers. To create an emotional link, we create products that aim to bring joy and laughs everywhere.

We have faith and are proud to be a brand that has built a range of products based on the virtue of innocence. With this philosophy, we focus on designs above all pure, serene and warm. Iconic creations which still give way to their own narration.

Create with love for a loving house, designs that celebrate innocence.

Mr Maria designs with a loving house, creations that celebrate innocence. Formerly launched with emblematic lamps, the company is increasingly extending to other items for the home, including a pouffe and a pouffe. Modern designs consist of strong and classic lines which together form a rest point. With an Mr Maria design, you get a centerpiece with an always tangible and reassuring presence. An object that changes with its environment thanks to its timeless look. Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, can take advantage of the feeling of security that a familiar work of art brings over the years. From the baby bedroom to the living room, design always finds its place with his family.

Mr Maria

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