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behind super minus, two groovy girls with this little grain of madness which allows them to imagine parallel lives for the kids of The planet.
In their living room, superheroes launch confetti on super cool princesses and that Make the funky knights well!

Together, Cécile and Alexandra form a shock duo that does not take themselves seriously and have colorful and glittering dreams the head ...

their only ambition is to sow smiles on the faces of children ... young and old! < /p>

But where does Super Minus come from?

all starts with a simple desire:
"What if we dust off classic and timeless disguises?"

We have taken up the codes of our childhood standards in y
adding pop, facet ball and a lot (a lot) of laughter for
Ambiance the daily life of the minus ... but also parents!

So we imagined Super Minus, a cool brand of capes
which has the power to reveal in a flash, the extraordinary which is
hides in the imagination of the kids.

We want a child who puts on a super minus costume has fun, assumes and pushes his limits "towards infinity and beyond"!

may our strength and our colors awaken the funky hero that lies in your minus ...
Super Minus

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