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Set of 2 Brown Foliage Sensory Balls

Set of 2 Brown Foliage Sensory Balls

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Your toddler is now capable of exploring and developing his senses with the elegant and fun set of Natruba sensory bullets.

The set of Natruba sensory balls is in the form of a set of two different sizes balls with a bell in each to stimulate the sense of hearing in a playful way. The small ball is easy to grab even for the smallest hands. Soft natural rubber and the magnificent sheet of leaves on the balls encourage sensory game and develop the senses in a comforting, elegant and playful way.

This set of sensory natural rubber bullets elegantly handcrafted is carefully made by hand.

NATRUBA toys are light and easy to hold for small hands, they stimulate and practice movement, ocular coordination and fine motor skills. Natruba toys are not only safe and strengthen the development of your toddler, but also inspire the creation of links through the game and a narrow interaction.

Like all natruba toys, this set of sensory bullets is a completely natural, ecological, non -toxic toy (without PVC, BPA, phthalates and nitrosamines), designed without valve, which means that no mold and No bacteria can accumulate inside. We create toys on which you can feel safe at 100 %.


  • Dimensions:
    • big: 7 cm in diameter span data-number-of-phrases = "19" data-phrase-index = "3" data-langa-to-t-translate-Into = "in" data-langa-to-alternatives = "fr" class = "jlqj4b" jsmodel = "ssmkhd" jsdata = "uqlsif; _; $ 198" jscontroller = "zl5n8" jsname = "txfaf" jsaction = "agomjf: pfbcw; usxomf: awlt7; jhksnd: p7o7bd, f8dmgf; q4ago: , pfe8hb, pfbcw; f56efd: djxsye; enoyf: knzws, zjszz, jgvs JC; ZDMJQC: CCQNKB, ZJSZZ, ZCHEXC; YTRRJ: JJDVDC; TNR8CYC: gefvjb; ofn6ye: hij5WB; bmezhc: iURHPF; oxj3xe: qakmyb, yaf12d ">
  • Color: brown and beige
  • Tactile:
    • Leaf textures
    • Solid pearls
    • Body filled with air
    • Surface touch similar to silk

Maintenance advice:

  • All Natruba toys are made of natural rubber.
  • Natural rubber toys should be cleaned with slightly soapy water and a damp cloth, do not use dishwasher or sterilize in the microwave.
  • Clean the product before the first use.
  • Dry the toys after use and keep them in a clean and dry place.
  • Do not expose toys to direct sunlight or direct heat.


  • All Natruba toys are nicely wrapped in FSC certified cardboard boxes.
  • With a silky, soft and premium touch surface, the packaging refers to natural rubber and its softness. Inside, the toys are packed in FSC certified, biodegradable and recyclable certified tissue paper.
  • Texts and information on packaging is written in English.
  • Inside, you will find an FSC certified booklet with an introduction to Natruba, pictures of images and the qualities of natural rubber and Natruba. It also contains a section of security advice with safety, cleaning and maintenance information translated in more than 20 languages.
  • The booklet is written in English.


  • Safety is our priority n ° 1, please take the time to read the points below.
  • Read the safety book included before use.
  • Allergic reactions due to natural rubber can occur but are extremely rare.
  • However, be aware of any allergic reaction and stop any use of the toy if an allergic reaction occurs.
  • Do not tear the toy.
  • Check before use that the toy is in good condition, pulling on the different parts of the toy and check that it is always in good condition.
  • If there are slots or cracks, it must be thrown away.
  • Remove all packaging before giving the product to the child.
  • Keep the packaging because it contains important information.
  • Adult monitoring is recommended at all times.


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